Tier 4: Assistant Specialist

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April 16, 2019
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The Assistant Specialist (Digital Delivery) assists in project delivery, development and adoption of digital solutions and competency building. He/she participates in product and model development, planning, research and/or testing of digital solutions and training. He gathers data and information to understand business needs and user requirements to support adoption and implementation of digital and/or automated building solutions and resolves issues. He is a team player and possesses strong communication skills to interact with relevant stakeholders and subject matter experts. He is also resourceful and able to collate information required to develop digital solutions. He works in a fast-paced environment and may be required to work both on- and off-site.

Key Tasks

Critical Work FunctionsKey Tasks
Facilitate digital project delivery and collaborationDevelop Building Information Modelling (BIM) models
Conduct building simulations to detect clashes
Adhere to project information requirements, modelling and exchange protocols for information sharing among project stakeholders
Conduct inspections to ensure compliance with modelling and exchange protocols
Manage technological adoptionGather information on pain points in work processes from relevant business functions
Gather information for business cases on solving pain points using implementation of digital solutions
Support the acquisition and development of automation solutions
Gather data from newly implemented digital solutions and processes
Assist in monitoring the status of adoption for digital solutions against defined timelines
Support testing and troubleshooting of digital solutions
Collate information on potential digital solutions and vendors
Build digital competencyAssist with coaching of project stakeholders on use of digital solutions
Source for relevant external training programmes and courses on digital solutions
Gather information on organisational learning needs related to digital solutions


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