Application Documents for Download

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April 16, 2019
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Application Documents for Download

In this section, you can find the documents required for you to submit your application for accreditation. Logbook templates are to be filled up, scanned and submitted through this accreditation portal. All candidates are required to read the Accreditation Handbook to understand the application process and requirements.

  • Logbook Template for Tier 2 (Lead)
  • Logbook Template for Tier 3 (Specialist)
  • Accreditation Handbook

Your are further required to submit the following accompanying documents:

  1. Recent passport-sized photograph
  2. Photocopy of identification card or passport
  3. Photocopies of certificates for academic qualifications and any other professional qualifications
  4. Photocopies of courses attended
  5. Employment history of projects handled, roles and responsibilities and tasks performed for projects (as part of the logbook)
  6. Sample models, drawings, or other outputs and evidences to support application (as part of logbook)
  7. BIM/IDD Execution Plan (as part of logbook)
  8. Reviews from peers (as part of logbook)

If you have further questions regarding the accreditation process and requirements, please contact us with your questions and/or feedback.


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