Tier 1: Chief Digital Officer

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April 16, 2019
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The Chief Digital Officer oversees the overall implementation and innovation of digital solutions in the organisation to achieve digital transformation of the business.


  • drives the team to experiment and apply new digital solutions.
  • leads the strategic direction for his team to ensure efficiency in projects and operations.
  • drives collaboration within organisation and endorses the work done by the digital team.
  • is a leader who defines strategies to champion innovative digital solutions.
  • is able to anticipate trends and disruptions in the industry to help the organisation prepare.
  • is able to drive changes within the organisation. He possesses strong persuasive skills to help influence others

Key tasks

Critical Work FunctionsKey Tasks
Drive project delivery and collaborationEndorse policies to drive adoption of industry best practices for production and management of project information
Lead organisation’s multi-disciplinary adoption of digital design coordination tools and processes
Endorse standards and set policies for implementation of modelling and exchange protocols for sharing among project stakeholders
Drive compliance policies in project information requirements, modelling and exchange protocols
Manage technological adoptionSet policies among relevant stakeholders for the implementation of digital solutions
Advise on digital solutions best practices and interoperability with existing tools, systems and workflows
Endorse digital solution prototypes and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for deployment across the organisation
Establish organisational policies for the implementation of digital solutions
Endorse guidelines for evaluating productivity gains with reference to time, cost, and quality
Endorse the budget, guidelines, timelines and expectations for organisation wide digital project implementation
Provide subject matter expertise in resolving digital issues
Establish digital implementation status reporting procedures
Build digital competencyEndorse training framework
Endorse the engagement of relevant external training providers for programmes and courses on digital solutions
Set policies and training budget for the organisation to meet training targets related to digital solutions
Drive innovation initiativesEndorse policies that promote an innovative mindset and culture within the organisation
Endorse best practices for implementing innovative ideas, solutions and ways of working within the organisation
Endorse the innovation agenda for the organisation
Endorse initiatives and budget to support organisation-wide resources and systems for employees to submit innovative ideas


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