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December 16, 2022
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Overview of DDM Accreditation Scheme

bSS is the Accreditation Body for the Digital Delivery Management (DDM) track of the Built Environment Skills Framework. The Skills Framework allows professionals within this track to structure their career for progression. As the Accreditation Body, bSS recognizes the candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience gained to help him/her rise through the ranks and/or negotiate for pay increments within his/her organization.

Currently, bSS provides a scheme to accredit the Specialist (Tier 3) and Lead (2) positions. bSS will accredit the Assistant Specialist (Tier 4) and Chief Digital Officer (Tier 1) by 2nd quarter of 2021. Membership with bSS is not a prerequisite for accreditation.

The following table illustrates the job roles and career pathways within the Built Environment. The DDM Accreditation Scheme provides candidates with a structured pathway to progress along the DDM pathway (as denoted in pink).

Tier 4: Assistant Specialist

The Assistant Specialist (Digital Delivery) assists in project delivery, development and adoption of digital solutions and competency building. They participate in product and model development, planning, research and/or testing of digital solutions and training. They gather data and information to understand business needs and user requirements to support adoption and implementation of digital and/or automated building solutions and resolve issues.

They are a team player and possess strong communication skills to interact with relevant stakeholders and subject matter experts. They are also resourceful and able to collate information required to develop digital solutions. They work in a fast-paced environment and may be required to work both on- and off-site.

This accreditation tier is not available at the time of writing.

Tier 3: Specialist

The Specialist (Digital Delivery) is involved in project delivery, digital solutions development and adoption and competency building. They interpret business requirements and help to translate them into digital solutions. They are familiar with digital solutions and business requirements to add value to the business. They provide timely and value-added services to end-user digital solutions. They ensure that the quality of information and models prepared by the specialists adhere to the prescribed standards and protocol for sharing and coordination purposes. They are also involved in training.

They are independent and possess strong problem-solving skills. They keep abreast with new digital technologies and are keen to experiment and adopt new digital solutions to enhance project outcomes. They work in a fast-paced environment that is highly collaborative with multiple stakeholders.

This accreditation tier is open for application now.

Tier 2: Lead

The Lead (Digital Delivery) plays leading roles in project delivery, digital solutions development and adoption, competency building and innovation. They oversee the development and acquisition of digital solutions. They implement policies and processes to support the organisation’s strategies. They are responsible for analysing how digital solutions can be used to optimise processes. They are involved in technology adoption, innovation and associated change management activities. HThey establish guidelines for the implementation of new solutions and continuous process improvement to drive capability building.

They possess expertise in digital technologies, are adept in adopting digital solutions to enhance project outcomes and resolve technical challenges. They provide technical guidance and support to their team and are keen to ensure they keep abreast with the latest in digital delivery approaches. They work in a fast-paced environment and manage multiple projects and stakeholders.

This accreditation tier is open for application now.

Tier 1: Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer oversees the overall implementation and innovation of digital solutions in the organisation to achieve digital transformation of the business. They drive the team to experiment and apply new digital solutions. They lead the strategic direction for their team to ensure efficiency in projects and operations. They drive collaboration within the organisation and endorse the work done by the digital team.

They are leaders who define strategies to champion innovative digital solutions. They are able to anticipate trends and disruptions in the industry to help the organisation prepare. They drive changes within the organisation. They possess strong persuasive skills to help influence others.

This accreditation tier is not available at the time of writing.

Moving up each tier

To move up each tier, candidates need to meet the Accreditation Criteria, which is to obtain the requisite experience and pass the Skills Assessment. If the candidate is unable to meet the Accreditation Criteria, they may submit an appeal along with a case study of their experience. The appeal will be heard by the Appeal Panel on a twice-yearly basis. The result of the appeal will be made known to the candidate within 2 weeks after the appeal interview.

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