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April 16, 2019
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Accreditation Application Process

Candidates may submit their application for accreditation to bSS through our website at any time throughout the year. The time frame from application to result will be processed within 2 months.

If their application meets the Accreditation Criteria, they will proceed to take the Skills Assessment. If they do not meet the Accreditation Criteria, they will be informed that they cannot proceed with the Accreditation.

Step 1: Candidates are required to register an account at the Registration Portal.

Step 2: Login to your account to complete your profile

Step 3: Complete the Payment Procedure for your desired tier

Step 4: Submit their application documents at the Submission Portal.

If your application documents meet the Accreditation Criteria, you will be invited to a Skills Assessment. The result of the Skills Assessment is immediate. If you pass the Skills Assessment, you achieve accreditation. If you fail the Skills Assessment, you fail the accreditation. You may opt to appeal this decision (see Appeal page).

The application is open throughout the year. Candidates will be notified of the result within 2 months from the date of application. The Skills Assessment be conducted 2 times a year. Once the candidate has met the accreditation criteria, the Accreditation Committee shall provide final approval for the accreditation.

Summary of Timeline

Window PeriodEvent
Throughout the YearApplication Submission
November & MayTier 1 Interview
January & JulyTier 2 and 3 Skills Assessment
February & AugustTier 4 Skills Assessment
March & SeptemberAppeal


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