Appeal Process

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April 16, 2019
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Appeal Process

Candidates that do not meet the Accreditation Criteria will be informed that they have failed the accreditation. They can appeal this decision if there is sufficient grounds for appeal. This article provides an overview of the appeal process.

Grounds for Appeal

The candidate may appeal if failure to meet accreditation criteria is due to one of the following scenarios: If the applicant has failed a re-test of the Skills Assessment If the applicant fulfils the specified no. of projects but one of the projects is marginally smaller than the specified GFA of 5,000 sqm (not more than 10% smaller) or if the applicant’s experience/involvement in the project is not substantial If the applicant cannot fulfil the specified no. of projects requirement (i.e. only fulfil 2 out of 3 for Tier 3 or 4 out of 5 for Tier 2) but one of the submitted projects is more than 20,000 sqm and the applicant’s experience/involvement in the project is substantial. If the candidate is unable to meet the Accreditation Criteria, he/she may submit an appeal along with a case study of their experience.

Process of Appeal

The case study is to be presented to the Appeal Panel to make critical observations about the candidate’s ability to function in the accredited job role.

The appeal will be heard by the Appeal Panel on a twice-yearly basis. The date of the appeal will be made known to the candidates 2 weeks in advance. Appeals will be heard by the Appeal Committee on a twice-yearly basis. The result of the appeal shall be announced within 2 months from date of appeal.

Failing the Appeal

The decision of the Appeals Committee is final. If the candidate has failed the appeal, he/she may apply for accreditation in the following year.

Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee ensures that worthy candidates who cannot meet the Accreditation Criteria can continue towards accreditation. It is the duty of the Appeal Committee to make a judgement to accredit the appellant based on the facts presented via the Case Study and Logbook, as well as the appeal guidelines, to assess if there is ground for a formal change to the candidature. There will be three panellists reviewing each appeal. At least two out of three panellists on the Appeal Committee must agree to the official decision. At the minimum, one of the panellists shall be of the same discipline as the appellant. For example, if the appellant is a contractor, at least one of the panellists must be from the contractor domain. The Appeals Committee will review the Case Study and Logbook submitted by the appellant to assess if there is ground for a formal change to the candidature.


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