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May 15, 2021
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BuildingSMART Singapore is an open, neutral, not-for-profit organization. We are committed to delivering improvement by the creation and adoption of open standards and solutions for infrastructure and buildings.

Digitalising BIM

Singapore’s built environment sector will benefit greatly from a digital spine built around interoperable systems. Our mission has always been to maintain interoperable, open standards in BIM that transcend traditional design and construction phases to enable a comprehensive digital environment for the entire project and asset lifecycle. We aim to get the entire construction value chain consisting of contractors, developers, architects, and landscapers to be on board with Singapore’s digital adoption strategy.

Sharing Sector Information

BuildingSMART Singapore encourages employers to seek evidence of a candidate’s knowledge and abilities when deciding to hire or promote. Information regarding the Skills Framework is shared here so that employers and candidates alike are informed of the industry benchmarks when deciding to hire or promote someone building their career in the Digital Delivery Management track of the Built Environment.


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